Drunk Hulk

A Twitter Year

Putting together an almanac based on a year’s worth of tweets feels like the kind of project that’s destined to fail, and yet, Kate Bussmann manages to pull it off with a lot class in A Twitter Year. Much of this has to do with the fact that it’s not only a look back at 2010, it’s also a detailed look at the innovation, determination and, most importantly, heart that exists within the international community on Twitter. Loaded with charts and lists, as well as providing chronological tweets detailing the biggest events that affected the world last year, A Twitter Year is a celebration of the best and brightest on Twitter and how they not only react to what’s happening in the world, but influence and shape it. Drunk Hulk manages to make a couple of appearances in A Twitter Year and I’m extremely honored to be included in Bussmann’s book.

Here’s how the book is described over at Amazon:

Where can you find first-hand accounts of the Arab Spring, Japan’s nuclear disaster or the Norwegian atrocities? Thousands flouting celebrity superinjunctions? X-rated snaps of politicians? A babysitter mistaken for a cricket match? Or Darth Vader’s advice to angry US voters? The answer, of course: on Twitter. The first of its kind, A Twitter Year distills a year of conversation, argument, revelation and revolution into a ‘review of the year’ as written by the Twitter community. With profiles of top users and fascinating stats, it captures the biggest events in current affairs, culture and sport – from the death of Osama bin Laden to the demise of the News of the World, the panic at the London Riots to the excitement of the Royal Wedding. In the year the social network celebrates its 5th birthday, Twitter continues to grow at an incredible rate. There are now over 200 million accounts across the world, including Lady Gaga, the British monarchy, Lord Voldemort and a lot of pets. A Twitter Year gathers some of the funniest and sharpest tweets to bring you a unique celebration of the way we talk now.

Whether you tweet or not, this book is really worth your time.

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