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For the last five years you have gotten to see pop culture, history and politics unfold through the blurry eyes of everyone’s favorite inebriated Twitter hero: @DRUNKHULK. Now you can look back in anger, take the walk of shame and re-live the glory days through this incredible compilation of hilarious tweets.

Christian A. Dumais has put together the definitive tweets of Drunk Hulk in chronological order with annotations. In addition, there are essays (including “On Drunk Tweeting” – the viral hit available in print for the first time) and background information about one of Twitter’s biggest come-from-nowhere success stories.


Empty Rooms Lonely Countries Cover

Empty Rooms Lonely Countries collects a decade’s worth of Christian A. Dumais’ short stories. These hilarious and heartbreaking stories wander through two continents, five countries and multiple universes to explore love, loss and redemption in the 21st century in a way you’ve never seen it before.


Cover Stories Cover

Euphiction is the marriage of musical inspiration with the written word: a story that’s a three minute single. Created and edited by Christian A. Dumais, Cover Stories challenges ten young writers from around the globe to cut deep into the tracks of their favorite albums and produce something that’s more than just a mix tape of divergent fictions; they are the scouts for a new literary invasion…


A West Coast Thing Cover

Christian A. Dumais took another look at his favorite comic book series from when he was a kid and wrote down his thoughts. When he was finished, he had written the most comprehensive study about Marvel’s West Coast Avengers ever. A West Coast Thing is a lot like the Necronomicon, except when you read it, dark dimensional portals don’t open up and unleash horrifying demons; instead, you just find yourself unable to have normal healthy relationships.

Fried Twitter Tales Dumais

Christian A. Dumais joins 12 other writers – including Tim Fargo, Bruce Van Horn and Deborah Mills-Scofield – to discuss Twitter and the power of connectivity.