10 Reasons to Read Cover Stories!

10 Reasons to Read Cover Stories


  • If you have the kind of life that’s interrupted every 15 minutes, you’ll be able to sit down and read three to four genuine stories before the next interruption. Find yourself on a bus or subway to work? Why not enjoy some amazing short stories to start your day off right?
  • You like Drunk Hulk? Let’s pretend that he’s not real (work with me here) and that Drunk Hulk is really a writer (ME!) pretending to be the inebriated goliath. So whenever you laugh at something Drunk Hulk says, that’s me you’re laughing at. Wait a minute! Anyway. If you’ve been entertained by my work as Drunk Hulk, check out what I can do with more than 140 characters and Shift key. And if you’re disappointed, there are still 90 more stories to enjoy.
  • The book is self published. Wait, don’t leave yet! Solid entertainment is solid entertainment, whether it’s published traditionally or not. Writers like Mark Twain, John Grisham, Walt Whitman, Beatrix Potter, Edgar Allan Poe, T.S. Elliot, Gertrude Stein, Deepak Chopra, Upton Sinclair, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood and Tom Clancy have all self-published their works. With Cover Stories, be there from the very beginning for some of tomorrow’s best new writers.
  • Euphiction is new. It’s ours. What you’re seeing in these 100 stories is something that’s never been tried before. This isn’t to say there’s never been stories inspired by music, but it’s certainly never been done with the restrictions and awareness we’ve put into the process. Read the book and the next time you’re talking about good fiction with your friends, you can drop “euphiction” into the conversation and look a dozen times smarter.
  • But it’s not just about the music. You want to experience a horror movie you’ve seen a thousand times before but in a completely new way, check out my story “A Hundred Fireflies Outside”. You want to imagine the movies a young John Hughes never got around to directing, read Erik Schmidt’s work. You want to experience something familiar enough to remind you of a book but with the unpredictability of a video game, you need to read N. Pendleton’s stories. Derrek Carriveau’s pieces carry the weight of Joyce Carol Oates and the levity of Chuck Palahniuk. Simon Neil crosses the neurosis of Larry David with the gravity of Graham Greene. And Suzi M. cleverly mixes mythologies that have been around for thousands of years with the recent aggrotech of Combichrist.
  • You’ve been enjoying their work already. Suzi M. has published several books and has maintained a strong online presence for over ten years with Smiling Goth. Matt Gamble has been enlightening and entertaining people at Where the Long Tail Ends and on numerous podcasts for years now. Derrek Carriveau edited and contributed to various magazines and the now defunct Legion Studios. N. Pendleton has published his books previously and continues to amaze with his Museioncast series. Whether you recognize their names or not, chances are you’ve seen their work before.
  • It looks amazing on your bookshelf. If you don’t have a library at home, then Cover Stories is a fantastic way to start one. It also looks great on the nightstand next to the bed and on the weird shelf next to the toilet.
  • And listen, we know e-books are the way to go now that we’re living in the Future (and the electronic version is coming, by the way). But an actual copy of Cover Stories fits conveniently into your bag – much like an iPad or Kindle – and will not run out of energy no matter how long you keep it open. Guaranteed.

– Christian A. Dumais

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