Beck’s Drunk Hulk Cartoons (Updated for October 2011)

It’s been a while since I talked about the artist known as Beck and his wonderful New Toons on the Blog. For those who’ve been paying attention, he’s the one who’s helped to bring Drunk Hulk to life visually on Twitter and beyond.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to collect some of the Drunk Hulk cartoons he’s done over the last year or so. This isn’t a complete list by any means (I think there are a couple that haven’t made it online yet):

  1. Cold Turkey
  2. Pole Dance
  3. In Slow Motion
  4. Way Out Fashion
  5. Taking a Spinning Class
  6. The Sphinx’s Nose
  7. Uncommon Reader
  8. TGIF
  9. Virgin in Space
  10. Massive Planking
  11. Drunk Hulk’s Bar Exam
  12. Stupid Doctor
  13. On the House
  14. Slow Down Apple (scroll down)
  15. No Pants

I’m a huge fan of Beck’s work. What always surprises me with his work is the environment he puts the characters into. You don’t get a lot of space to work with in a single panel comic, but Beck has a way of really creating an entire world inside a small box. I mean, look at “Virgin in Space” and take the time to explore where Drunk Hulk is. It’s his attention to detail that really makes it all worthwhile. And the way he throws in little jokes in the background for those who’re paying attention, like the human-dog/horse or whatever that is walking in the background of “In Slow Motion” – a detail that feels right at home in a joke about David Lynch.

If you enjoy what you’re seeing here, Drunk Hulk fan or not, I encourage you to go through his site and have fun with Beck’s work. It’s a lovely treat.