Comics: Page 1 of “Counting Nuns”

Starting today, for the next five Fridays I will be showing a page from Edward J Grug III‘s comic adaptation of my short story “Counting Nuns”. The original short story is not only available in EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES, but in issue 3 of GUD Magazine. According to The Future Fire, “Counting Nuns” “is a study of phobia (in this case of needles) that contains a richness of language and imagery that many fictional stories lack.”

I’ve always loved what Edward did with “Counting Nuns”, and it’s always saddened me that he never found a home for it; not because it was my story, but mostly because his artwork here really shines. I hope you enjoy his version of the story, and by all means, please take the time to visit his website to check out more of his incredible work.

Counting Nuns Page 1