Commissioner Gordon is 2!

For Commissioner Gordon’s second birthday, he finally got to see what had been making all that noise in our house since last Sunday. This is him checking out Elliot…


In December of 2010, Justyna answered a dog-for-sale ad online. And that’s how we ended up meeting an old woman who had been living with over 50 Shih Tzus in her too small apartment. She had requested we don’t ring the doorbell, but rather just enter to avoid being ambushed. It didn’t matter either way, because when we opened the door we were greeted by an army of cute all rushing towards us.

Commissioner Gordon, for whatever reason, got our attention. He was just a little ball of brown hair. I didn’t have any money on me, but I knew when Justyna picked him up that I was going to have to go and find an ATM.

Shih Tzus of all ages were circling us, jumping up, crying and barking, and it was  an effort not to try and buy more. Commissioner Gordon’s father stood on the top of a large sofa chair in the living room and watched us play with his boy. His mother was in the bathroom nursing his brothers and sisters.

Our other Shih Tzu Dudikoff waited in the car and he was really, really disappointed when we put Commissioner Gordon in the backseat with him. Commissioner Gordon spent the car ride home trying to sleep next to Dudikoff, while Dudikoff spent the ride trying to jump to the front seat.

It would be weeks before Dudikoff would tolerate being in the same room with Commissioner Gordon, and now they’re never apart. One of the joys of living in our new home has been watching the two of them play together outside in the backyard during the summer.

While they’re both the same in many ways, they’re also very different. Whereas Dudikoff is afraid of everything, Commissioner Gordon is fearless (his only Kryptonite, so far, has been extreme heat and the 14th step in our stairway). He’s the smarter one; usually too clever for his own good. He’s funny, energetic and clearly his own man, and he’s particularly proud to be Dudikoff’s best friend.

The house has changed dramatically in the last week with the twins finally coming home from the hospital (in fact, I’m writing this with two dogs sleeping at my feet and two babies next to me). Commissioner Gordon has been endlessly fascinated with our children. And it’s clear that he’s going to be just as proud to be their best friend too.

Today Commissioner Gordon turns two. Not that he can read, not that he even knows it’s his birthday, but I didn’t want it to go unnoticed.

When I’m angry at him, I call him Commissioner Gordon. But in the moments when I feel like my heart will explode from my love for him, I call him James, or Jim.

Happy Birthday, Jim.