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Drunk Hulk’s Andy Rooney Tweet!

You ever notice tweets?

When I posted the Andy Rooney tweet over the weekend, the last thing I expected was that it would have the legs it did. I wasn’t worried about the tweet being too soon (I honestly don’t think there’s such a thing), but in terms of how young the Drunk Hulk audience skews, I wasn’t sure if an Andy Rooney/60 Minutes reference was going to get much of a response.

As it turns out, the tweet is now the second most popular Drunk Hulk tweet of all time (according to favstar). If we were to measure it in terms of retweets, it would be #1. That’s pretty astounding.

Much like the Gaddafi tweet, I’m willing to bet that a lot of this had to do with timing. But I’d rather think that people responded to the tweet because they recognized that we lost someone special, someone who made us think, and someone who had become a weekly institution in his own right. As a kid, I didn’t find 60 Minutes to be exciting television when I watched it with my parents, but even I paid attention when Rooney had his few minutes. Considering the often depressing and heavy stories 60 Minutes tackled, Rooney was the show’s much needed silver lining. He was the guy who reminded us that we were going to be all right.

And that’s the kind of guy we need more of these days. On television. Online. Everywhere.

Because it is going to be all right.

Good night, Andy Rooney.

2 thoughts on “Drunk Hulk’s Andy Rooney Tweet!

  1. Perfect timing, funny joke. In an alternate universe where he died closer to “spring ahead” than “fall back”, I assume it would go: HOLD ON DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! JUST BECAUSE ANDY ROONEY DIE! NO MEAN YOU GOT TAKE AWAY SIXTY MINUTES!

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