ERLC Review: “Beautiful, evocative work by a serious writer and fellow traveller.”

Here is a wonderful review of Empty Rooms Lonely Countries from Good Reads:

It says a lot about the sad state of the modern cult-of-personality publishing industry we’re faced with today when books like ERLC aren’t being fought over by editors. This book is full of true events told through fiction, it’s a novel told in short stories. The protagonist Christian engages in a dreamlike but nonetheless relentless search for love — something in the context of this book that is both all-pervasive and frustratingly elusive. The language is simple, the stories go down like cool water, but the implications and ideas linger like both fine and bargain wines. And this is appropriate, because alcohol soaks this book clear through, leaving you at the end like you’ve awoken from a deep night of heavy drinking… What country am I in today? Did I really say those things? Where are my pants? Did she really kiss me?…

Beautiful, evocative work by a serious writer and fellow traveller.