False Starts Collected!

False Starts is devoted to sharing never before seen introductions to books that may or may not have existed. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Richard Simmons introduce Cormac McCarthy’s The Road? Or Hunter S. Thompson introduce Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution? Or a college student who just read Ayn Rand for the first time introducing Fountainhead? Hopefully we’ll be able to answer these questions and more in the coming months.

I originally designed this feature to eventually become a book, but the agents and publishers who read the proposal – though they enjoyed it – said it would never sell. Despite that, this series continues to be one of my most popular here. To make it easy for new readers, here are the first three False Starts with more to come later this year.


False Starts #1: Burt Reynolds introduces The Cannonball Run


False Starts #2: Neil Gaiman Introduces Duran Duran. (Worth mentioning: Neil Gaiman called it “hilarious.”)


False Starts #3:|Sarah Palin Introduces Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

– FALSE STARTS was created and written by Christian A. Dumais