Favorite Quotes: Mark Z. Danielewski

I think that the way I approach books is not from the position of contention against that world, just simply saying, “Well, why do I want to read a book that takes me four days that I could basically see in a movie that takes me two hours?” A lot of what’s at stake today is how we allocate our time and how much we have. So for me, I want to read a book – and hence I will write a book – that can offer me an experience that I can’t get anywhere else. If I’m going to put that kind of work to ready a book, I want it to give me an experience that is beyond what I can get online, in a movie theater, listening to on my iPod . . . I’m always checking myself, like: Can a movie do this? Can a song do this? I don’t think so. This experience lives only in this book.

from an interview with Mark Z. Danielewski.

Mark Z. Danielewski

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