Favorite Quotes: N. Pendlteon

Then comes an unexpected check on my right. Hands grip me then don’t. I am aloft, flying up and away from the marble gardens. I soar into the clouds and coming storm. There’s quite a show up here. I dodge the bolts of lightning as best I can, but they are many and I am too attractive.

She’ll forgive my missteps, My One True Love. She always does. As I sail away into the lightning storm, I do not despair, for I know she’s down there waiting for me. No matter how long the descent proves to last. Because no matter how far I fly, I’m flying into her, this vast sky full of neon-tinged menace. I can feel the charge in the air; the delighted electrons stand every fiber of my being and tux on end.

She is my Penelope.

My Helen of Troy.

My Serena Williams.

Venus, too.

She’s my electric sky.

– from “Peace, Love and the State of the Economy”, written by N. Pendleton.

N. Pendleton

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