Favorite Quotes: Donald Barthelme

“It’s an expedient in terms of how not to destroy a situation which has been a long time gestating, or, again how to break it up if it appears that the situation has changed, during the gestation period, into one whose implications are not quite what they were at the beginning. What I mean is that in this business things are constantly altering (usually for the worse) and usually you want to give the impression that you’re not watching this particular situation particularly closely, that you’re paying no special attention to it, until you’re ready to make your move. That is, it’s best to be sudden, if you can manage it. Of course you can’t do it all the time. Sometimes you’re just completely wiped out, cleaned out, totaled, and then the only thing to do is shrug and forget about it.”

– from “Robert Kennedy Saved from Drowning”, by Donald Barthelme.

Donald Barthelme