Friday the 13th Update: Milk, Krakow and Secrets…

Krakow with Stays Crunchy in MilkIt’s been a while since I’ve written a Friday update. Between life and Puff-Tober-Ween, things here have been hectic.

My book Empty Rooms Lonely Countries is still available through Amazon, Kindle and PDF. Sales have been nice, but certainly not enough to make the 1000 for $1000 contest at the end of the year. That said, anything can happen.

This weekend marks the deadline for a major project I’ve been working on with 9 other writers for the last 6 months. I’m so excited about this project. Once we’re farther down the road, I’ll be letting everyone know what it’s all about. As of now, if things go well, expect a new book with my name on it sometime in March.

Next week, I’ll be helping to promote Adam P. Knave’s new book Stays Crunchy in Milk. On Thursday I’ll be posting my review of the book and then on Friday, you’ll be able to read a fun interview I recently did with him. I’ve also taken some pictures with the book when I was in Krakow earlier this week (see left) as a favor for Adam. So you’ll probably see one or two of those pop up here as well.

Thanks to everyone who’ve bought Empty Rooms Lonely Countries, and especially those who’ve taken the time to send me their thoughts on the book. You continue to amaze.