Friday Update:


At the moment, I’m at Starbucks and I’m juggling between a short story and a power point for next week’s lecture on Warren EllisBurst Culture, sprinkled with some ideas from Steven Johnson and liberature. The latter will be my first opportunity to publically discuss the research I did for my MA project, so to say that I’m excited would be an understatement. I can only hope that my students will be as excited to listen to me talk about the subject for 90 minutes.

I sold all five copies of Empty Rooms Lonely Countries for $5 this week, as well as one copy at regular price. I’d like to thank those who not only took the time to write me an email, but buy the book. I truly, truly appreciate it.

For those who live in Poland and are interested in getting the book in person, I have another shipment of books arriving in a week or two from the States. Just drop me an email and we can make the arrangements.  

I have a long way to go to sell 1,000 books by the end of this year, so if you have a blog or a profile on Facebook or MySpace or whatever, I urge you to please help spread the work about the book, especially if you’ve read ERLC and enjoyed it. Every little bit helps.

Thanks for stopping by. And say Hello in the comments section.