“Geneva Street” Podcast

Geneva Street art by Nick Pendleton

“Geneva Street” art by Nick Pendleton

Last month, writer-artist extraordinaire Nick Pendleton of Museion made a podcast of my short story “Geneva Street” which is available right here. I’m always a little apprehensive when someone else adapts my work (especially since my collection of haikus was turned into a disastrous interpretive dance cabaret back in 2004), but Nick is someone who really seems to understand how these things work. The final result is something that surprised me, and upon my first listen, really spooked me.

If you want to read along, you can download a free PDF of “Geneva Street” here. But keep in mind that Nick used an older draft of the story with a different ending. It’s interesting to note the changes the happened along the way. Let me know which version you think works better.

Also, please be sure you explore Museion while you’re over there. Nick is someone who really deserves your support, whether it’s by purchasing some of his amazing products or listening to his numerous MusionCasts. Show him some love.