Hello. I’d like you to read my stories…

Many of you have discovered me over the last few years through @DRUNKHULK. And I’m thrilled and honored I’ve been able to make you laugh and add something positive to your life. However, you might not know that I can write like this, without relying on the Caps Lock and mutilating the English language in the process.

Writing was my first love. And I was so head over heels that it took me a long time to realize that I was supposed to share it. Once I understood this, all I ever really wanted to be as a writer was read.

I used to give my new short stories to my friends and family and then sit there watching them read. If they laughed or sighed, I wanted to know what sentence sparked the reaction. I remember being at a pub once watching this woman read my story – the rings of water left by the cold glasses of beer soaked its way into the pages she’d place on the bar – and she started to cry. I remember the way the bartender watched us suspiciously. And when she finished, she exhaled and said that the story was beautiful. I had never seen that kind of response to my work. I didn’t know I was capable of doing that.

I was only 22, still trying to find my way through the darkness as a writer, still coming to grips with the idea that some words weighed more heavily than others and if you stacked up the right amount of words in the right order you could warp constellations, sculpt new religions and fall in love inside altered gravities.

Now I’m older and I’ve become a better writer.

Today, I’d like to fulfill the promise that writing has taught me and be read by you. I have an audience of over 150,000 on Twitter and I’m asking you to take a chance on my other work. I don’t expect to reach all of you, but if I’ve made you smile or laugh recently, please consider returning the favor.

I’ve written hundreds of short stories, some of which I collected in Empty Rooms Lonely Countries. If you like the debauchery, humor and the search for love that I’ve explored in 140 characters or less with @DRUNKHULK, then you’ll enjoy Empty Rooms Lonely Countries.

If you like fiction that’s unpredictable, slightly irreverent and inspirational, then you’ll love my ten short stories from the anthology Cover Stories.

You can buy PDFs of both books right now.

Empty Rooms Lonely Countries is $3.

Cover Stories is $2.

Or you can buy both for $4.

I’m told some people are having difficulty buying the books, as PayPal keeps coming up in Polish. If that’s the case, in the url address “…” just change the “pl” to “en”.

I will personally email the requested PDF(s) to you. And I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. And if you like what you’ve read, then you’ll love the novel I’m working on right now.

Thank you for your support.

 – Christian A. Dumais

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  1. I want to buy them both but your site is in some foreign language. Is there an English version? Thanks, Kim
    PS. Love your tweets! 😀

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