Hello, and welcome to the official website for my new book EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES.

EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES collects a decade’s worth of short stories, wandering through two continents, five countries and multiple universes to explore love, loss and redemption in the 21st century. This collection brings together for the first time many of my previously published stories, including “Mad Dogs” and “Counting Nuns” from GUD Magazine, as well as some never before seen pieces.  There are twenty-seven stories in all, with maybe a surprise or two. 

Click here for more information about the book, and if you want to read some free stories from the book, go here.

Plus, you’ll find information on how you can win $1000 by simply buying a copy of EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES. No joke.

I’ll be doing my best to update this site regularly with the latest information about all things having to do with the book. And there will probably be other nonsense as well. 

Thanks for stopping by.