Last Night and the Cheat Sheet

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who showed up to last night’s Open Mic Night at Nietota.

I tried a completely different approach to my material last night, shying away from the storytelling I’ve done before and instead committing to a series of one-liners. I think I tried the patience of a few people (some of these jokes don’t translate well), but overall I think it worked out pretty well. For those interested, here was the cheat-sheet I used up on stage:

If you’re a fan of Drunk Hulk, some of those keywords might be recognizable to you and you’ll probably know the joke without having attended.

Again, thank you. I feel honored every time I get to go on stage and tell some jokes and I always appreciate your support.


About Christian A. Dumais

Christian A. Dumais is an American writer, humorist and public speaker living in Wrocław, Poland. He has published fiction, journalism, and academic articles in several magazines and journals such as GUD, Shock Totem and Ha!Art. His first collection of short stories, Empty Rooms Lonely Countries, was published in 2009. He also created, edited, and contributed to Cover Stories, a euphictional anthology of 100 stories inspired by songs, which was published in 2010. His most recent book is SMASHED: The Life and Tweets of Drunk Hulk.

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