Letters to Christian

Letters to Christian

This edition of Letters to Christian has a letter from Mr. Akira Jiro.

He writes:

My name is Mr.Akira Jiro,a contractor from Japan.The statistics shows that the Economy of your country is getting better and will be more profitable in few years to come. I am interested to invest in your country through you. I am in HONG KONG NOW with the Sum of Sixteen Million,five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($16,500.000.00) that I would like to invest in your country if possible?

I made this money through a contract awarded to me by the ministry during the relocation of OSAKA AIRPORT,and I am not safe if I go back to Japan because I did not finish the contract. I hope you can understand my situation and assist me to invest this money properly as this is my only hope.
Please kindly get back to me as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Mr.Akira Jiro.

Christian responds:

Mr Jiro,

Thank you so much for wanting to invest in Empty Rooms Lonely Countries. As you can see, I have more than one country, so I need all the investments I can get. Would you be interested in investing in any of the rooms too?

Please feel free to invest all of the $16,500,000.00 into my book.


Tune in next time for another stunning installment of Letters to Christian.

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