N. Pendleton’s MCast V3, Episode 3: “SIX EUPHICTIONS featuring the music of NEST”

Museioncast EuphictionPutting together Cover Stories was one of the highlights in the last year. Sitting down and writing my ten stories over the summer was a definite plus, but seeing 90 other stories entering my inbox by the other writers was simply awesome.

My friend N. Pendleton, not content with writing only ten stories for the anthology, took euphiction and ran with it. Using the music of Nest, he created six euphictional pieces for his Museioncast series. On top of that, he added further restrictions:

I could already tell fitting six stories into a half-hour program would prove difficult.  So I gave myself some hard rules and severe limitations.

Rule 1:  No single story could be longer than 500 words.

Rule 2:  I was allowed only one draft per story, no rewrites.

Rule 3:  I was required to record all six stories in one take (though I would be allowed to edit in post production).

I found these challenges to be frustrating, but also a lot of fun.  Temptations came often to fudge the rules, retake a line here, cut from or add to a story here, but I resisted.  For better or worse.

I ended up listening to these stories on a bike ride about a month ago and it absolutely floored me. The music was great and Pendleton’s stories were incredible. The pieces work like haunted fairy tales, and in 500 words or less, manage to create entire worlds. Pendleton shows you just enough before closing the curtains, like a dream where you intuitively grasp the details beyond the outer edges you cannot see, and the listener is both disappointed and thankful; disappointed that the story is over, but thankful for not revealing the horror that waits around the next corner. I’ve listened to these stories three times now and each time I not only come away with something new, but I’m reminded yet again that N. Pendleton is truly a brilliant writer.

Download and listen to Pendleton’s “Six Euphictions Featuring the Music of NEST” here.

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