New Fiction by Christian A. Dumais in Shock Totem #2:

Shock Totem #2

Issue #2 of Shock Totem is now out and available in finer bookstores all over America. You can also order it directly through Shock Totem’s website.

Here is the Table of Contents for issue #2 :

* To Be Titled: An editorial, by K. Allen Wood
* The Rat Burner, by Ricardo Bare
* Sole Survivor, by Kurt Newton
* The Spooky Stuff: A conversation with James Newman, by John Boden
* Sweepers, by Leslianne Wilder
* Rainbow Serpent, by Vincent Pendergast
* Strange Goods and Other Oddities (Reviews)
* Abominations: Hide the Sickness: An article by Mercedes M. Yardley
* Pretty Little Ghouls, by Cate Gardner
* Messages From Valerie Polichar, by Grá Linnaea & Sarah Dunn
* Return From Dust, by Nick Bronson
* Leave Me the Way I was Found, by Christian A. Dumais
* Upon My Return, by David Jack Bell
* Howling Through the Keyhole (Author Notes)

Those of you who’re interested, Leave Me the Way I was Found was originally meant to be in Cover Stories before the fine folks at Shock Totem bought it. It’s a short story I’m really, really proud of and I have enjoyed listening to those who’ve read it tell me how much it disturbed them.

I can’t wait to get a copy of the magazine to read the other stories.