News for January 18, 2010

PuffBrokawThere’s a lot to do this week. Not only do I have National Pie Day to contend with on Saturday, I have a ton of end of the semester work to wrap up. This semester has flown by at light speed, and interrupting it with two and a half weeks in the States hasn’t helped matters any (though, I’m not complaining).

Right now I’m trying to sort out what conferences I’ll be attending this year (there’s one in September that’s looking mighty interesting) and putting together an article about my PhD work that will help to put into perspective whether I’m insane or not to tackle this particular subject.

Because of the site redesign, I’m pulling back on promoting Empty Rooms Lonely Countries and getting this site and another ready to promote my newest project, which should be coming out around summer if all of the legal stuff can get sorted in time.

Because it never fails to make me happy, I’ll sign off with this video:

Tell me that Walken’s face when he hovering in the air isn’t one of the most glorious moments ever.

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