On Mother’s Day…

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On Mother’s Day, Norman Bates really pampers himself.

On Mother’s Day, the Call of Cthulhu is to his mother.*

On Mother’s Day, Woody Allen gets an awkward visit from his wife’s mother.

On Mother’s Day, Jason Voorhees buys a nice hat for his mother’s head.

On Mother’s Day, Charlie Brown wishes he could understand the gibberish his mom says.

On Mother’s Day, Glenn Danzig apologizes to his mother again.

On Mother’s Day, John Connor sent his father back in time to meet her.

On Mother’s Day,¬†Oedipus’ wife never got jealous of his mother.

On Mother’s Day, April O’Neil is reminded of that awful night she got drunk with Donatello.

On Mother’s Day, Ted Mosby confesses to his children that they were adopted.

On Mother’s Day, Bruce gives Alfred a nice shoulder massage.


*Little known fact about Abdul Alhazred’s Necronomicon: the first page translated reads “Dedicated to my mother. Love, Abby!”

– from tweets by @puffchrissy

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