Food Porn

Puff Chrissy vs. the Giant Cupcake!

Last weekend, I not only made a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, but I also managed to bake a giant cupcake. This was something I’d been meaning to make for a while ever since I bought a special pan to pull this off (you bake the bottom and top parts separately). I used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe for the first time just to see how it would bake…

It’s hard to get an understanding of the size of the cupcake from the picture. This particular cupcake was roughly the size of my head and weighed more than one of my babies. Usually, you should be able to put 6-7 normal cupcakes on the plate it’s sitting on.

For this one, I made a raspberry frosting which I note only used for the top, but added some in the center too.

I have a few different ideas in mind for the future, including a Carrot Cupcake.

This changes every.thing.