Day 18I discovered the Friday the 13th movies when I was a kid, back when USA was showing all of them as marathons. My favorite back then was Part 3, a lot of that having to do with the hokiness of the 3-D (especially when you watch it in 2-D and you can see how hard they were trying) and because it’s simply a lot of fun. Outside of part 6, no other part was as much fun as the third one.

That said, if you had to choose which one was the best out of the series, it would have to be Part 4, The Final Chapter. Unfortunate subtitle aside, this was the movie that really nailed what you could do with the franchise in terms of darkness and pathos. Jason is brutal and scary in this one, something that would seriously diminish as the series continued. There is a story that’s apparently well thought out and ties in with the series’ continuity. On top of that, it’s a spooky little movie that holds up fairly well over time compared to the others.

Oh, and you have Crispin Glover dancing!

Here is the trailer:

I wonder what the world would be like today if this were actually the final chapter…

This has been