Day 2


I won’t pretend to understand David Lynch’s work as a whole. You certainly have to accept the dream-logic that permeates his movies and the ambiguity of his plots tend to leave a lot desired at times, so I can understand how his work isn’t for everyone. What has always struck me about Lynch’s movies, even when I was at a loss to what was going on, was how scary his work can be. I honestly believe that if Lynch were ever to make a full-on horror movie, most working horror filmmakers would just give up. Take for instance, Fire Walk With Me, when Bob enters Laura Palmer’s bedroom from her window, a scene so simple in execution that the uneasiness I feel when watching it is embarrassing.

Or Robert Blake’s scene in Lost Highway:

This has been


5 thoughts on “PUFF-TOBER-WEEN: Day 2: LOST HIGHWAY

  1. Dune. Sting. Metal bikini. The corpulent, pustule-covered Baron Harkonnen: “Feyd. Lovely Feyd.”


  2. David Foster Wallace wrote a behind-the-scenes story about the making of Lost Highway for (I think) Entertainment Weekly way back when. The uncut version was reprinted in his book *A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again.* Good article for fans of not just this movie but Lynch in general. Though, for some reason, he makes an offhand criticism of the Coen Bros. films in what I consider and apples-to-oranges comparison.

    IMO, best Lynch film is *The Straight Story,* though visually *Dune* was the cat’s p.j.’s. And sandworm riding to Toto was never the same again…

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