PUFF-TOBER-WEEN: Day 29: Kane from Poltergeist II

Day 29As we’re winding down with Puff-Tober-Ween, I’m faced with a plethora of scary moments and not enough days to share them (I’ll save them for Puff-Tober-Ween II: The Reckoning).

I think a lot of people from my generation have fond memories of the movie Poltergeist and then some not so fond memories of its sequel, Poltergeist II: The Other Side. That said, the sequel had a few things going for it, particularly the inclusion of the Kane, played by the late Julian Beck. The scene where Kane comes to the house to visit the family is a real gem. The way he sings and slowly approaches the house as it begins to rain has some genuine suspense in its favor, and the way Kane gradually transforms from a gentle old man into a real threat is chilling.

Rewatching the scene now makes me want to give the whole movie another chance.

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