Required Reading: Without me, there would be no A Serious Man trailer

A Serious ManThe one and only time I met Matt Gamble (of Where the Long Tail Ends fame!) in Real Life, he spent most of the evening explaining how he was the one who liberated Australia. When I offhandedly suggested that this wasn’t true, he grew belligerent and knocked over my beer. Since then, whenever he tells me things that are clearly untrue, I try to remain silent.

So, when he proclaimed that the Coens’ A Serious Man trailer would not exist without him, I was prepared to move my drink and start balking. But a funny thing happened, the story turned out to be true:

So the Internet is a flutter with the release of the latest trailer for A Serious Man, the Coen Brother’s new film. Shot around Minneapolis, and being centered on their hometown of St Louis Park, A Serious Man is a dark comedy set in 1967 about nice guy who always finishes last. Populated with local actors, the film looks to be a loving tribute to the town that the Coen’s grew up in, you know, like Fargo. But what most people don’t know, including the Internet, is thatA Serious Man exists because of me (and my boss).

Not only is the story true, it’s pretty damn awesome too. If you are a fan of cinema and the Coens in particular, prepare to feel a lot of envy.

Read Matt’s amazing story here.

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