Here is a nice review from superstar Nick Pendleton

Nick Pendleton


I just received [Empty Rooms Lonely Countries] yesterday and it’s gorgeous. I’ve read most of the stories over the years, but sitting down and reading them in book form from cover to cover is like reading them all for the first time. Everything from the sequencing of the stories to the book design and photography is top notch. My hats off to everyone involved in the process . . . [W]hen I’d read just two or three of Christian’s stories, I knew he was the real thing – a writer with a voice and a world view. This collection isn’t just a journey through time and events, it’s also a picture of an author’s development. Lastly, and I mean this in all frankness, I can’t wait for the day I can immerse myself fully into a fat novel from this guy. This collection of stories makes me hungry for more.

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