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See where I write at Write Place, Write Time!

I was invited by Write Place, Write Time to join the company of amazing writers like Joe Hill, Peter Straub and Nicholson Baker to share where I write with the rest of the world. Clearly a mistake had been made. That said, you can now go over there and see “where the magic happens.”

Check it out here.

You’ll also find special guest appearances by Dudikoff and Commissioner Gordon. Come on in…

One thought on “See where I write at Write Place, Write Time!

  1. at first i thought you started another blog. i enjoyed this. Dudikoff’s reenactment of you working at your desk was pretty intense! the big laptop looked like a Toshiba that i bought used, years back. it lasted a month. a video card fried, which was apparently a common issue with the model i had.
    looks like you’re keeping good company on that site.

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