Two Popes walk into a bar…

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Two Popes walk into a bar. The first Pope says, “Bartender, I’ll have your finest German beer, please.” The second Pope says, “Bartender, nothing for me thanks. However, I’d like to buy a round of your finest Argentinian beer for everyone here.” The first Pope says, “You’re right. What was I thinking?” He turns around […]


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Famous Jim Williams’ successful Comedy Invasion of Wrocław continues in May at Club Włodkowica 21. PHASE ONE: Open-Mic Open-Mic Night is a chance for amateur and experienced comedians and storytellers to get up on stage and perform, usually in front of a smaller and less demanding audience. Open mics are always unpredictable, fun and full […]

Being Drunk Hulk

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  BOOK EXCERPT  WHEN YOU LOOK BACK AND SEE ONE FOOTPRINTS! YOU KNOW THAT WHEN DRUNK HULK CARRY YOU!   1. WORST END OF WORLD! EVER!            Before I became Drunk Hulk online, I was Drunk Hulk in the real life, only less green and far less charming. This was St. Patrick’s Day of 2003. I […]