Thursday on my mind…

QuietThings continue to be quiet here on this end.

Books are selling slowly, but selling.

Tomorrow I will be posting another unpublished story called “Masks” as mentioned in last Monday’s commentary. If I’m lucky, next week will be the week the contest pictures start appearing regularly on the site.

Here is the introduction to “We’ll Gather at the River”, a story I recently finished and sent out for possible publication:

It is December of 2000, the river Oder is still and cold, the brown water made darker by the gray skies above. The river cuts through Wrocław, a vein of water that has helped to establish the city as the Polish Venice with its one hundred and twelve bridges. As we look at the river, we can see clusters of tree branches and leaves moving slowly south. Eventually, something else catches our eye. We try to tell ourselves that it’s more branches or some trash, but we know a dead body when we see one. The corpse is that of a man, stripped down, apparently starved and tortured, knife wounds all over, his wrists bound behind his back, and a noose around his neck. His eyes are open, and like an open diary sitting on the table, we can’t help but look.

Time to get back to work…