TOO SOON: Pora umierac

Pora UmeriacWhen I’m not making fun of movies or pop culture over at Where the Long Tail Ends, I sometimes use TOO SOON to review a movie or book I enjoyed. Here is a sample of my review of the excellent Polish movie, Pora umierac:

Being an American in Poland has a lot of advantages. For instance, as an American, I’m allowed to murder up to three people with my bare hands without being charged. I have unlimited access to free coffee and donuts. I can cry in public without fear of being humiliated. I can freely stalk all my favorite pop singers. And I get the opportunity to see movies I’d probably never see living in the States, like Pora umierac (Time to Die); one of those movies where the synchronicity of acting and writing comes together so effortlessly that the experience of watching the movie borders on euphoria.

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