Volume 2 of Cover Stories Announced!

In case you missed the hints in yesterday’s interview at the Cover Stories website, Derek Handley has announced plans for the second volume of the euphictional anthology. Handley will be the Man of Action for 2011 with the project and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do with it. On the website, he writes:

There are big plans ahead for Cover Stories and this blog. Over the coming months, you’ll get to read new fiction by the Cover Stories writers here and elsewhere on the web; you’ll get exclusive sneak peaks at other projects the writers are working on; and you’ll get to hear about progress on Cover Stories volume 2. That’s right: volume 2 is coming out this year. Watch for more news right here on the blog.

Keep checking over there for more information as I know there’s going to be plenty of surprises to come.

And if you haven’t bought the first volume, now is the perfect opportunity see what readers are talking about!

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