Writing Music: El Ten Eleven’s “El Ten Eleven”

El Ten ElevenLoving El Ten Eleven’s first album at the moment.

A perfect soundtrack for a lazy afternoon of writing:

Miss Hasselbacher knows her class is cheating on the English exam.

Steve, the third best player in the Miller High School football team, has been using a clever mirror contraption to look at Bobby’s paper. Not that Steve needed the device, since Bobby has been standing on his desk for the last ten minutes looking at Stan’s paper from above, and his exam has been clearly visible for Steve to copy. Stan’s been cheating with the answers written in the palm of his left hand; certainly not the most original way to cheat, but they can’t all be clever. Hope has been copying her answers from a small scrap of paper that’s been sitting on her right knee like a feather. The Gibson twins were using some kind of communication device to speak with someone outside – probably someone in that white van sitting across the street with the large dish on top – and the class could hear them whispering the questions into their shirts. Jake, as usual, was taking his exam without his shirt on, and Miss Hasselbacher could clearly see the exam answers tattooed on his back, written from muscular shoulder to muscular shoulder, and it was Edie – Jake’s girlfriend of two weeks and who sat behind him – who benefited.

The only person not cheating, of course, is Kim, the redhead who always sits in the front, always the first to arrive and the last to leave, raising her hand at every question. In fact, she had finished her exam over thirty minutes ago, and had been spending the time checking and rechecking her answers. She would continue to do this until the exam session ended in seventeen minutes.

2 thoughts on “Writing Music: El Ten Eleven’s “El Ten Eleven”

  1. Your writing has taken a very different bent lately, into straight-up fiction. I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve been fortunate enough to read so far. This snippet is no exception. Bravo, prof.

  2. I missed this comment within all of the spam. Sorry. Thanks for the kind words. Coming from you, it means a lot to me. I’m purposely trying to push myself into a different direction with this new project.

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