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Christian A. Dumais interviewed by UGO!

UGO Editor-in-Chief Chris Radtke sat down with me with through the magic of IM to talk about all things Drunk Hulk. It was an enormously fun interview for a variety of reasons, and I hope it shows in my answers.

Me and Radtke go back ten years now, thanks to our frequenting the now-defunct Slush Factory message boards. I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly in DC in 2002, and hopefully one day we’ll be able to nerd out over some beers.

Anyway, Radtke asked some fun questions, such as:

RADTKE: Of those three things (“DRUNK HULK” instead of “I”, ALL CAPS and bad grammar) which is the one that’s the biggest pain in the ass?

CHRISTIAN DUMAIS: It’s a toss up between ALL CAPS and bad grammar. Sometimes I have a good joke but it gets lost in DH-speak. Even though I have over 100,000 followers (as of today), I am convinced I would have plenty more if it weren’t for the ALL CAPS, which turns people off.

RADTKE: Fascinating. I never thought of that, but i can see it. Ever hear from Marvel? For better or for worse?

CHRISTIAN DUMAIS: I’ve never heard from Marvel, not at all. I’m just happy they’ve been kind enough to let me do this. I really do love the character and try not to go too far over the line. Like, I won’t have him curse, that kind of thing. I’m like you, Chris, I’m a Marvel guy. These are like childhood friends to me.


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