Favorite Comic Book Pages: Silent War #4, Page 12.

Silent War was an issue that took me by surprise for a number of reasons. Some of that had to do with David Hine’s scripts, but a lot of the book’s success came from Frazer Irving’s phenomenal artwork. The real surprise was how much emotion Hine and Irving were able to mine from the concept of the Inhumans, a group of characters no one seemed to know what to do with for a long, long time (this changed, I believe with Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee’s Inhumans run a few years earlier).

In this scene, Black Bolt has just witnessed his wife kissing his brother. In a fit of rage, he storms out of his kingdom destroying everything in his path until eventually he comes to rest:

Silent War #4 Page 13

I must’ve gone back and read this scene a dozen times already. The pacing here is flawless, and Irving does all the work to show us Black Bolt’s pain and anguish. For a character who cannot speak, the art hear speaks volumes. This is quite simply the best Black Bolt scene in recent memory (which is saying a lot, because Black Bolt has been used extremely well in the last few years). The emotion here is honest and effective.

There is, however, one page with Black Bolt that rivals this one, and I’ll be sharing that one next week…

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  1. Speaking of Black Bolt, but my daughter loved the Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers mini-series. She’s very excited for the regular series to start next year. I read the issues myself and I must say it was pretty good – the artwork is excellent and the story doesn’t insult anyone by being dumbed down. Plus, I always like to see Lockheed. And Throg doest rock.

  2. I haven’t read the Pet Avengers yet. I have a feeling I’m not the audience for it, but I’m always looking forward to being surprised.

    I’m just happy to be an Inhumans fan. I grew up never liking them, and now they kick ass. It’s always about great creators finding a great spin for the characters.

    And Lockheed is indeed awesome!

  3. just google searched this series. It was one of my favorites. Its silly that it got somewhat disregarded in the new War of Kings storyline. Marvel is foolish to sideline David Hine. And i’m still waiting for Irvings Gutsville to return.

  4. The Inhumans did get caught up in all of the crossovers in the last few years. Though, I’m happy they’re being used more regularly now. And Hine’s work with the characters should have gotten more notice.

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