Interview with Fiction Scribe

Interview pic

I did an interview for the fine folks over at Fiction Scribe. It’s one of my better interviews, I think, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Here is how it all begins:

List five words that define you as a person.


Tell us about your collection of short stories, Empty Rooms Lonely Countries.

Empty Rooms Lonely Countries collects a sampling of my short stories from the last ten years. They are autobiographical, but please don’t let the word turn you off. The stories move from Tampa, Florida to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to London, England to Paris, France and eventually end up in Wroclaw, Poland, with plenty of places in between.

Find out how I ended up wandering the streets of Krakow with the United States Secret Service. Discover how I officiated a wedding with an army of lesbians. Wonder how I accidentally drove to a wrong state. Gasp at the monster which lives in the basement on Geneva Street. The stories jump genres, from horror to humor to romance to drama. Individually, the stories explore love, loss and redemption, and collectively, they combine to tell a larger story about someone who lost his way and eventually comes in from the cold.

Garrison Keillor wrote that “love has brought a great many people to safety”, and if that’s true, this is one man’s journey to safety.

Read the whole interview at Fiction Scribe.