My desktop:


One of the things about self-marketing Empty Room Lonely Countries on top of Real Life is that you have to learn to be organized. This is difficult for me because I distract easily and I tend to throw myself into the work that brings me the most immediate happiness. Anyway, I’ve made a serious effort to organize myself, starting with my computer desktop. I decided to create a wallpaper image that I could use to help navigate the projects that take priority. In this case, I’ve created three boxes, red, green and gray, with the red box being for icons that need my most immediate attention, and the gray box being the least important items. The green box is for the stuff in the middle. Please note, in order for this to work, you have to turn off the auto arrange icon function on your desktop.  On the right is a corkboard. The pictures of my wife and I are part of the wallpaper. The three squares on the upper right are digital post-it notes (Hottnotes). They can be moved and updated when needed. Again red being the most important things that need to be done. The blue note is for inspirational purposes. And the yellow note is the list of stories that need to be written.

I know it looks a little old school, and I’m certain I’ll be making changes the more I use this (I’m open to suggestions from you), but so far I’m loving it.