Tomorrow night!

This is the show you’ll be telling your grandchildren about. You will laugh so hard that you’ll realize that acronyms like lol, lmao or pmsl no longer work and you’ll need to invent new ones. You will have a religious experience like no other and your moment of clarity will make you weep with joy. You will realize that everything you understood about life was wrong. This will become The Defining Moment of Your Life. This will be your Line of Demarcation where everything that happened before was in Black and White and what comes next will be in Color – colors you never realized existed. You will enter the club boys and girls and you will leave men and women. You will be forever altered. You will consume Nirvana and unlike everything else in your life, it will never leave you. Your grandchildren, when they hear what happened, will fall into a lifelong depression because they will know in their hearts that they will never experience anything even remotely close to what you went through on that fateful evening 50 years before. Oh, and there’ll be beer.