PNJA Konwersacje 3LUS

3LUSHello. My name is Christian A. Dumais. The key to passing my course is to participate in classroom discussions, being prepared for all presentations, and having fun. I’ve outlined the general rules/guidelines for this course below. If you have any questions or if you are having any difficulties with the class, please contact me at cadumais at
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The topics we will be covering for this school year are listed on the left hand side. Depending on time and other factors, we may stray into other topics as well.


Due to the nature of the course, attendance is extremely important. If you have 2 or more unexcused absences in the semester, it will severely jeopardize your ability to pass the course. An unexcused absence is any absence without documentation excusing you from class because of A) a medical emergency or B) an academic scheduling conflict. If you have either documentation, it is your responsibility to show it to me the next time you attend class.

You will be responsible for doing one to two presentations every semester based on a topic of my choosing.   Presentations are graded on the following categories (20 points each): 1) Eye Contact, 2) Grammar and Structure, 3) Vocabulary, 4) Organization, and 5) Questions and Answers.


Your final class grade will be the average of your attendance, class room participation, and presentation grades. Note: I do reward you for perfect attendance.


Be aware that this page is a work in progress and I may make changes as we go. Please refer to it regularly.


If you have any problems, concerns or if you need additional help, please don’t be afraid to ask.

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1. Introduction and Rules: I’ll be introducing myself and letting you know what you’ll need to do in order to pass this course. Nothing too shocking. So, let’s get this started…
2. Shooting the breeze
3. Punishment Fitting the Crime? (Sorry this is last minute!)
4. Monika: Fears and Phobias
6. Karolina: Body Language
7. Adam: Military Service and War
8. Alicja: Crime and Punishment
9. Sara: Stereotypes
10. Patrycja: Money
11. Paulina: Life After Death
12. Oliwia: Gays and Jobs
14. Presentations

◊                         ◊                           ◊



2. Environment: Killing Animals to Save them?

3. News/Shock Entertainment: Press

4. Rounding out your vocabulary: 123 and 4.

5. Cancelled

6. Adam’s Lesson

7. Patrycja’s Surprise Spectacular

8. Monika’s Memories

9. Karolina’s Shocking News and Entertai


1. Catching up
2. Rescheduled
3: The Press and Current Events
4:  Rounding out your vocabulary: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
5. Making Speeches with TED Talks.
6. General Conversation with Trivia
15. End of the Road




10. Sara’s Family Relationships

11. Paulina’s Advertising

12. Alicja’s Begging and Charity Work

13. This Story Stinks and Describing a Process

14. Presentations

15. Final Grades



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