Christian A. Dumais meets The Glory, The Glory

glorypodcastThe cool folks over at The Glory, The Glory podcast invited me to their aural BBQ. So, if you ever ever wanted to listen to me talking about West Coast Avengers, Doctor Who, Star Trek and Bell Biv DeVoe for 90 minutes, today is your lucky day.

Well this is special. Episode 43 of The Glory, The Glory with Aidan Morgan and Adam P. Knave has yet another guest – this time it’s Christian Dumais – yes he’s DRUNKHULK but he’s also the world’s leading West Coast Avengers-ologist. And so we talk a ton about the WCA, as well as Doctor Who, Star Trek and more. It’s close to an hour and a half of raw, strange fun. There are a few audio issues with the episode – thanks Skype – but they were minimized as best as could be.

Thanks to Adam and Aidan for having me on.