National Pie Day this Saturday!

Caramel Pie MeringueBack in 2004, I really wanted a Key Lime pie, something that’s impossible to get in Poland. I finally sat down and learned how to make the pie, and soon I was making lots of other different kinds of pie. These days, I can make over 25 different kinds of pies, and I’m always exploring new recipes to add to the list.

Because of our religious and cultural differences, my wife and I are trying to create new traditions for our home. So we’ve loaded up our calendars with all sorts of unusual holidays like Potato Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day, and Superman’s Birthday to see what’ll stick in the future (somehow, I feel, Frankenstein Day won’t make the cut).

That said, this Saturday, January 23, 2010, is National Pie Day (see, that first paragraph had a point). Meant to be a day of appreciation for pies, we’ll be using the opportunity to either bake a pie we’ve never made or invent a completely new pie (I’ve been playing around with some ideas).

Maybe you should give it a go too.

2 thoughts on “National Pie Day this Saturday!

  1. Pie day? I’m afraid pie needs a whole week. Maybe a month. Are savory pies welcome at the party?

  2. You’re right, it does deserve a week. But considering all the energy I’m putting into today, I’m not sure I could keep this going for a week.

    I’ve decided to make mini pies today. This way I’ll be able to make many different kinds of pies, and if one of my experiments goes wrong, it doesn’t put me back.

    Savory pies are most welcome to the party. Sometimes they’re even more welcome than guests.

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