Review: “Mad Dogs”

gudI’m still waiting for the first wave of reviews for EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES to come in. Here is a small review of my story “Mad Dogs”, published in Issue 1 of GUD Magazine, and available in ERLC:

Let me just mention one final contribution: towards the end of the magazine is Mad Dogs by Christian A. Dumais, the only piece labelled as non-fiction. Dumais is an American teaching at a university in Poland; this piece chronicles his night out drinking with some visiting Secret Service and Air Force Two staff, a night which ends with him sitting in the apartment of two Polish lesbians. You’ll have to read the essay to find out how he gets there; but what’s great about this piece is that it makes real life seem just as strange as the fictional realities depicted in the rest of the magazine. 

If you are interested in reading “Mad Dogs”, you can purchase the issue of GUD Magazine or buy a copy of EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES.