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    CLASSROOM GUIDELINES   Hello, I’m Professor Adam Freeman and welcome to 19th and  20th Century English Literature. It’s come to my attention that there are rumors about this course being tremendously difficult (71% of students who have taken this course have failed, according to some dodgy statistics), and even worse, that I’m very […]

My interview with Destination: Asphyxiation

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Destination: Asphyxiation interviewed me. Questions were asked. Answers were given, because you cannot ask answers, nor can they be taken. I talked about Drunk Hulk, writing, comedy, Dracula, N. Pendleton and more. I only cried once. Or maybe more. I don’t remember. And who listens to their own interview to count how many times they cried? […]

Being Drunk Hulk

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  BOOK EXCERPT  WHEN YOU LOOK BACK AND SEE ONE FOOTPRINTS! YOU KNOW THAT WHEN DRUNK HULK CARRY YOU!   1. WORST END OF WORLD! EVER!            Before I became Drunk Hulk online, I was Drunk Hulk in the real life, only less green and far less charming. This was St. Patrick’s Day of 2003. I […]

About the American Invasion

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I’m still processing last night’s AMERICAN INVASION show at Mleczarnia. It was an enormous success, with nearly 200 enthusiastic people in attendance and all of the performers working at 100%. It took us months to figure out the formula to how we wanted to do these shows, and five weeks later we executed that formula […]

The real world?

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“The real world? The real fucking world? First of all, if you write a screenplay without conflict or crisis, you’ll bore your audience to tears. Secondly: Nothing happens in the real world? Are you out of your fucking mind? People are murdered every day! There’s genocide and war and corruption! Every fucking day somewhere in […]